Investing in a Sustainable Future with Trace Genomics

How do our nation’s farmers continue to produce food to feed more people while protecting the environment? The challenge is real and the answer is right under our feet.

߲ݴý is committed to a more sustainable future with its investment in Trace Genomics – made through our venture capital investment arm, Cavallo Ventures.

Trace Genomics is the first and only company to harnesses soil science, genomics and machine learning to measure the bacteria and fungi in soil that cause disease and cycle nutrients. By combining those measurements with soil chemical characteristics, Trace Genomics provides our agronomists with the most advanced analytics in the world for a window into the health and productivity of soil.

The result is data-driven recommendations so farmers can produce more with less using precision, region-specific product placement to tackle disease challenges, reduce costs, and enhance nutrients to reap abundant, healthy, profitable harvests. From specialty to row crops, the outcomes are impressive.

In California, for example, a grower staved off potentially devastating yield loss after Trace Genomics discovered high levels of aggressive Phytophthora cambivora in almond orchards where trees were not showing symptoms and where other tests proved inconclusive. In the Midwest, the company is uncovering lurking diseases like white mold, Goss’s wilt and sudden death syndrome, unlocking yield potential. 

As the world’s attention turns to climate change, Trace Genomics is also implementing verification of soils-based carbon capture. This helps companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint connect with farmers who are doing the same through management practices that increase carbon storage on their land.  

Great challenges require bold innovation and ߲ݴý is on the forefront with Trace Genomics, providing customers sustainable, ground-breaking solutions that foster healthy crops, healthy livelihoods and a healthy planet.

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